About Us

YTRCP Is a Web-Platform for YouTube Content Creators that allows them to use tools that make their content creation life easy, tools such as Random Comment Picker (RCP), Thumbnail Explorer / Downloader and Live Subscriber Count all available at one single website, so that they do not have to go to multiple websites to use the same.

How Does YTRCP Work?
When you first login through YouTube into YTRCP, it allows us to verify that you're an Actual person rather than being a robot that is trying to gather data, then we allow you to use Our Services such as Random Comment Picker, Live Subscriber Count and Thumbnail Explorer. When you use any of our services, We request data from youtube about the thing that you're trying to use with our service.

For example: Let's say you are checking your channel's realtime subscriber count, we ask youtube to send us the realtime data of your channel and then we display the same to you. Same with Random Comment Picker, We request YouTube to send us all the comments that correspond to the video that you entered and till the time we get all the comments, you see a loading screen with the amount of comments being loaded and once We've recieved all the comments you see the amount of unique comments from all the loaded comments and then You get to Pick a comment randomly from all the unique comments.

What is the use of Thumbnail Explorer?
Thumbnail Explorer allows you to download Thumbnails from YouTube Videos for your research purposes, It provides an easy interface where you can just enter the url of the YouTube Video and download the thumbnail of the same video.

Why Am I Not Able to find my channel through Search on Live Subscriber Count?
Searching for a YouTube Channel from Live Subscriber Count only works for established channels, but YTRCP Is the first to provide a switch that allows you to switch from channel search to channel Id input. So after clicking the switch, you can just enter your YouTube Channel's Channel ID and it will start showing realtime subscriber count for your channel. A Channel Id looks Similar to this: UCWN3xxRkmTPmbKwht9FuE5A.

How to get my YouTube Channel's Channel ID
Each YouTube channel has a unique user ID and channel ID. These are used to refer to the channel in certain apps and services.
youtube channelId

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. In the top right, click your account icon > settings settings
  3. Next to your profile photo, click Advanced.
  4. You'll see your channel's user and channel IDs under "Account information."

How, Fair is Random Comment Picker by YTRCP?
YTRCP doesn't take sides, it's completely by itself. It uses an algorithm that allows it to pick a comment randomly from the total loaded and unique comments, We do not count multiple comments by the same person and We only take the first comment into the list of all the unique comments that we load.
Here's a Code Sample from Our Algorithm:

winner = comments[Math.floor(Math.random() * comments.length)]

So as per the code, We firstly use Math.random() which gives us a value like 0.05484809162053961 and then We multiply it with the length of total comments (for example there are 100 comments) which gives us a value of 5.484809162053961 and then We use the floor function (Math.floor(5.484809162053961)) which gives us an absolute value of 5 and then we use that value with the list of our unique comments, so the person which is at the index of 5 is the lucky comment which has been picked. Our algorithm is completely random and sub-optimal and hence We're completely unbiased.